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Liquidation Wholesale Pallet, SWU Bulk. This pallet has general mixed merchandise,The size of this pallet is 6 foot tall, Total MSRP is unknown.
Vendor: General Merchandise

Price :$995 + Tax

Shipping: shipping is free for Ontario, Montreal, ottawa
Type & Pallet Size: Gaylord Pallet 6 foot
Total MSRP: Unknown
What’s in the Pallet: Mixed Merchandise
Best for: Online resellers & Retail, Auctions, retail stores, best for export

Notes: This Pallet is being sold AS IS Condition, there is no exchange or refund.
Condition: New, like new, Used, Damaged, Missing Parts, Unsalable

Is it your first time buying liquidation ? are you wondering how does it work ?

Why buying liquidation pallet, and how it will generate profits for the buyer ?
We at Liquidationdelas.ca get our inventory directly from top Canadian and US retail on a weekly basis at a wholesale prices, so by that we eliminate the middle man factor that charges high prices and eats most of the profits, by us buying directly means we sell them with a huge margin to customer to make money by reselling.
Our goal at LiquidationDeals.ca is to give room for our clients to make profit, because we believe by doing so it will lead to get happy customers which in return means a loyal customer to LiquidationDeals.ca
Who is our clients?

Anyone who wants to enjoy making extra money on their spare time

B2B & B2C

People who sells on auction platforms


Retail stores

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