Manifested Electronics #95


Vendor: Manifested Pallet
Total MSRP: $7241
Whats in the Pallet: Electronics
108 Pieces
items: paris rhone ptc fan heatersolar light JD 9960proctor silex 74311psm68 portable speakersmart

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Vendor: Manifested Pallet
Total MSRP: $7241
Whats in the Pallet: Electronics
108 Pieces
paris rhone ptc fan heater
solar light JD 9960
proctor silex 74311ps
m68 portable speaker
smart watch
tribit sound surf
treatlife smart plug in dimmer
steelseries rival 3
timex 20461
timex 2h291
fastsnail charging dock
treatlife smart dimmer switch
soundcore liberty 3 pro
rollostyle igia roll syle
sennheiser dh 4.40bt
casio sgw 600h 1bcf
ibl livefree nct
hauz living cafetiere
mokofs cf217 toner cartridge
dna motoring cold air intake
led grow light 1200w
astroai 6l temp control fridge
microsoft sculpt comfort desktop
ril colorful led backlit
soundcore motion boom
the art of overwatch volume 2 limited edition
ryango bike mirror
boss 2 way speakers
yi 1080p home camera
ibl endurance run
asus wireless ac 2900
7 dual screen portable dvd player
desk cooler fan hqm-fc01
qualgear universal ceiling mount
govee water detector
sunuv sunone uv led nail lamp
led slim panel 4in 9w dimmable 5000k
firetv stick 4k

Delivery : We can arrange delivery upon the request of the buyer, additional cost will apply. Contact us for more details
Best for: Online resellers & Retail, Auctions, retail stores, best for export
Notes: This Pallet is being sold AS IS Condition, there is no exchange or refund.
Condition: New, like new, Used, Damaged, Missing Parts, Unsalable

Is it your first time buying liquidation ? are you wondering how does it work ?
Basically our customers buys liquidation pallet from, those pallet could be:-
1-Low Count
Low count pallets which has between 10 to 30 bulky items (those will take less time selling them on online marketplaces such as Ebay, Kijiji and many more..)
2- High Count
High count pallets has unknown number of items, total retail price of the whole pallet usually very high, which means there is huge margins for the customer to generate extra money reselling the items, but more time due to the high number of items.
Why buying liquidation pallet, and how it will generate profits for the buyer ?
We at get our inventory directly from top Canadian and US retail on a weekly basis at a wholesale prices, so by that we eliminate the middle man factor that charges high prices and eats most of the profits, by us buying directly means we sell them with a huge margin to customer to make money by reselling.
Our goal at is to give room for our clients to make profit, because we believe by doing so it will lead to get happy customers which in return means a loyal customer to
Who is our clients?

Anyone who wants to enjoy making extra money on their spare time

B2B & B2C

People who sells on auction platforms


Retail stores

Stay at home entrepreneurs

working from home

& many more….

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